Friday, December 30, 2016

Types of Digital Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the process of marketing in which we promote our product through various electronic media.

Here we discuss types of Digital Marketing as following:

  •            Email Marketing
  •          Text Messaging
  •          Viral Marketing
  •          Search Engine Optimization
  •          Pay Per Click 
  •          Social Media
  •          Online Advertising

Types of Digital Marketing

1) Email Marketing:
It is one of the initial reports of Digital Marketing, it involves giving personalized or objective messages at the correct time. For example, brands like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. deliver emails that are related to meet the user’s requirement.

2) Text Messaging:
In this type of Digital Marketing, we give our product related services, details, transaction report, cost etc through text message to the user.
These days everyone has smartphones, so they definitely want that they get all information on his phone.So it is widely used in Digital Marketing.

3) Viral Marketing:
It is also very widely used in form of Marketing. It is of the type in which we promote our product through different channels. It may include youtube videos, email or all social sites as well as some traditional elements, all with the goal to ensure that the content takes the attention of the market and flows naturally through online alliances.

4) Search Optimization Engine:
It is the most type of Digital Marketing, it is used to increase the website's discernibility in the search engine. There are so many methods involve in this process ranging from on-site technical analysis and development to blogging and content creation.

5) Pay Per Click (PPC):
It is also known as Paid Search. In this method, satisfied adverts are typically located to the right or above of the ‘organic’ search results. The cost will depend on the competitiveness of the keyword you’re offering on.

6) Social Media:
It is all about maintaining a brand’s picture over many social channels containing Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and many others. This type has become hugely popular and complex across the last few years.

7) Online Advertising:
In this method, we advertise on another website. You can purchase a banner space on the famous website, giving the website master for the same.

So, these are some types of Digital Marketing techniques that are helpful to promote our business or a product in future. Want to learn about all type of Digital marketing techniques, so join Digital Marketing training in Chandigarh. You can learn all type of marketing in CBitss Technologies. To do Digital Marketing training, CBitss Technologies is the Best Digital marketing training institute in Chandigarh which helps to understand all the concepts through its practical based training program.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Properties of Quality Backlinks

Properties of Quality Backlinks

It is defined as the building the links to your web page from some of the other blogs or websites. The Google search engine is deeply engrossed in the quantity and quality of links across the internet that tends back to your web page.

Considering your blog as a contestant for the number one spot, these ties are the electors for you. Search engines get updated every now and then in routine for the goal of determining which web page becomes at what position in the search outcomes. These links delimit that place for your blog in a search result. Google and other search engines poke the internet to find the number of links pointing back to your web page and index them. Their algorithm then chooses on how to place separate web pages.

Properties of Quality Backlinks

It can be described adequately in this way say you have a number of links back to your webpage on “How To Make Birthday Cakes” from 100 authority sites in food corner. So, when Google hits these websites, It will sure that this website must have some quality links.

From High PageRank Web Page
Page rank is the ranking of your web page on the Google resultant page which shows the quality content on your website as well as the healthy traffic on your website. The tool used to check the page rank is PR Checker. If you are using the   Firefox then you use the tool WEB Rank Toolbar

Use different anchor texts
As we know, to crawl the website you need to place a typical keyword into your web page to direct the crawler to read and to define your site with the help of that keyword. When we put any post on the blog, we place a link on the particular keyword named as a hyperlink in which you have to give the link to your website so that when a user clicks on the keyword, he will able to see your website. No follow or Do follow Links

The trait ”no follow” when appended to a link tells the search engines to not pass the reliability of that web page to the connected web page. When this characteristic is not present it means that the link does follow and that web page exceeds its reputation (or what it is called as the PageRank juice) to your linked web page. The no follows characteristic is used by webmasters to check the flow of their manufacture authority to another site.  And therefore these links are not much valuable for off-page SEO also.

These are some of the SEO tools which is used to promote your website. There are also some other interesting tools to acquire those perfectly, Master SEO Training in Chandigarh Rendered by the CBitss Technologies.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

When we promote our product or brand via a one or more electronic media, this method of promotion of products is known as Digital Marketing. It also varies from customary advertising in that it includes the utilization of channels and techniques that empower an association to investigate promoting effort and understand what is working and what isn't – regularly progressively.

Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing is the medium or we can say that Digital Marketing is so common that any customer access this from any place or at anytime they want it.
  • Digital Media is one of the most interesting media of entertainment, shopping, social interaction, news and so on.
  • Nowadays people not to just trust on what the company says, they also saw the reviews of product or brand from media, friends, relatives and so on.
  • It is more eco friendly than other forms of marketing.
  • It is faster and affordable.
  • It connects you with your customers directly.
  • It allows realtime customer service.
  • It looks possible that digital media will soon replace more popular forms collectively

Now peoples are shift to the cashless medium of transaction and like to do online shopping. So these aspects show that the Digital Marketing is one of the best media of marketing and it is the best career option.

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Why do we need SEO

As we all know that, SEO means search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is used to increase the traffic of a website or to increase the ranking of a website. There are three main reasons Why do we need SEO :

  • Increase Traffic
  • Increase Ranking
  • Increase Conversions

Why do we need SEO

Increase Traffic : We can increase a website traffic with the use of search engine optimization. The traffic which comes from generic search results and various users visits with the search terms that are related to our website or product. And we provide our visitors a reason to visit our website, so it increase our search engine rankings and with the help of high ranking, traffic on our website increases day by day.

Increase Ranking : Most of the people found brand on the top of the search engine result page during their search. So, it’s important to look across the search terms related to our business or a product.  Now we have to plan for getting better visibility in the search engine result page. We easily increase our product visibility on search engine, if we work on that keywords which are still searching by a number of  people, but are not too much competition on that search term.

Increase Conversions : If the visibility of search engine increased or we can say that we are rank on top of the search engine, then it does not mean visitor which visit our website is a right user. How long are they staying on our page. How many visitors are converted by our ranking. Is it possible that all people which visit our website are also converted. So, increasing conversion we need to do search engine optimization.

To optimize our website ranking and increase the visitors on our website, to increase a traffic, to increase a ranking, then it’s necessary to do SEO training and we recommend CBitss Technologies for SEO training in Chandigarh. It is a Best SEO training institute in Chandigarh.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tips to become a better blogger

Tips to become a better blogger
 The SEO which means the search engine optimization is used to promote your website and helps to raise the rank of your website. You need to post the unique content so that crawler reached to your website as soon as possible. To post the content, you must have the updated website. The blog is the website that is regularly updated by the individual by posting the content related to their particular website.

To become the best blogger you need to follow some of the general tips:

      Domain Name - The domain is the name of your own particular site which must be your own domain name. Avoid using the irrelevant, free of cost domain names. The domain names which costs you nothing are having rubbish URL's which is not related to your content. In your own domain name, you can choose the name related to the topic of your website like the which is a descriptive domain name that tells about your website. CBitss is best to register your domain name at the less cost.

  WordPress- If you just start, to begin with, the blog then you can use the WordPress which is one of the best platforms for blogging and the another advantage of using the WordPress is that it is a completely free of cost blogging platform.

SEO training in Chandigarh

    Be regular- Publish your posts regularly on the blog which will attract the crawler as well helps you to attract more traffic on your website.

    Theme- Use the better quality of theme in the WordPress so that your blog looks wonderful and the audience feel good while using your website.

   Unique- Always post the quality and unique content into your blog so spend much of your time in making the content for your blog.

      Check progress- Use the Google analytics to check the progress of your website. This will help you to optimize your website. 

There are also some other interesting facts which you can easily learn by SEO Training in Chandigarh Provided by the CBitss Technologies.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Why websites ranking dropped

Reasons, why websites ranking dropped?

SEO refers to search engine optimization which is the tool of Digital Marketing used to promote the website on the Google Page. The SEO helps to raise the rank of your website as it consists of tools and also some techniques which are helpful to make your website a trustful website. Once your website ranks placed at the top of the Google page that doesn’t mean, that you do not need to do work on it. You have to continuously work on the strategies and the techniques you were following. The rank fluctuates after doing the work regularly, why so, why it happens????

why websites ranking dropped

Let’s discuss the reasons behind it:

      Tracking the wrong rankings- In the few years, the people ignoring the websites in which the small keywords and phrases are, still the websites using these types methods are blown off from the Google page. So to avoid using the small keywords and phrases. If you want to attract the more traffic towards your website then do follow the natural English language in your posts and blogs which are preferred by the audience a lot.

    Google Dance-The Google dance is the outdated term of SEO nowadays, it refers to the fluctuating of ranks on the Google page. The ranks of website fluctuate in short period of time. But now the Google updated and used to crawl the website on daily basis.

   Losing high-quality links- If your website losing the high-quality links then it leads to disappear it from the google page. So as your website started losing the high-quality links,  start building the high-quality links. Building the links leads to attracting the audience because the best links come naturally.

      Competitors- The Seo is an ongoing process which means your continual efforts makes you the king of the web page. The websites on the Google page is not well-optimized due to this the owners of the website keep on doing modifications on the website which fluctuates the ranking.

These are the few reasons as well as their solutions which help you to raise the rank of your websites. SEO is an interesting technology. Learn SEO by doing SEO Training in Chandigarh provided by the CBitss Technologies.
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SEO Tools

SEO Tools

      The tools that are helpful to rank a website is known as SEO Tools. Here we will be discussed about some SEO tools that help us to rank a website or check a website ranking in a search engine result page.

     Woorank- It is a subscription-based online retailing service that gives you comprehensive descriptions on your website’s performance across varied platforms – social media, mobile access, SEO, general usability – to hold you in the know of the elements and fields that you need to work on to improve your website.  It also gives extensive reviews and insights on distinct pages within your website along with the advance data information which tells you that how your website is doing against its competitors and helps you strategize with some of the solid SEO practices.

     Woorank is an auditing tool which helps to optimize your site. This helps you to recognize the number of errors and the area for the improvement in your website.

SEO Tools

     AHrefs- It is a tool which helps us to check the backlinks on the website. It has its own crawler which provides the information about the likes on the social sites like facebook, twitter, google+, Linkedin. The updations are continuous after the short period of time.

    Quantcast- The Quantcast helps you to analyze the data and reports in which you came to know about the number visits on your website and the number of page views. The number of females and males consumers can also be found out with help of this tool. So through this, you can easily make the strategies to raise the rank of your website.

     Robot.txt checker- It is a validator tool which can tell whether the robot.txt file is valid or up to date. It is also interpreting by this tool that whether the search engine crawls or read your content or not.

     Heat Map- In SEO, it is very important to be on the top of UI\UX design of your website. This tool will help you to power charge your SEO. This tool will show you the data on the right topmost side of your website page which further help you to know what really matters. You can able to UX decisions by fully understanding the behavior of the user.

     There are so many other tools that are used in search engine optimization. SEO training in Chandigarh follow all strategies or tools that are helpful in SEO. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Maintain your Integrity through White hat SEO

White hat SEO is just a manner which promotes the search performance on the search engine result page. Through the white hat SEO, you will include in the terms of search as you maintain the integrity by practicing and promoting the search performance. You should need to learn the ways by doing the SEO Training in Chandigarh provided by the CBitss technologies so that you can easily do the SEO in a legal way.
In the terms of White Hat SEO, you should follow the terms and services developed by the Google and do only legally practices to promote your website ranking.
As we know, the SEO is the search engine optimization which helps you to promote your website but it's upon you whether you use the tools in a loyal way or doing the Black hat SEO.
Let us discuss the White and Black hat SEO-

In this, the SEO techniques are used just to get the topmost search rankings and then break the rules of the search engine. In the black hat SEO, the target is to get the rank they did not bother about the audience or we say about the traffic.
Techniques used in the black hat SEO are as follows;
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Link farming
  • Hidden texts and links
  • Blog content spamming
   Black hat SEO using these techniques using the unethical methods.
White hat SEO
In white hat SEO, the techniques used in white hat SEO simply used to get the audience in bulk. The main purpose of white hat SEO is to get the natural, organic traffic on your website.
  • Techniques used in the white hat SEO
  • Keyword
  • keyword analysis
  • Metatags, rewriting the content.
In the white hat SEO, the content post on your website is unique so that search engine reached the website more frequently. The reason behind it is that the search will find the unique and the quality content on your website which attracts the audience and also the search engine and our motive of calling the search engine are fulfilled.

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