Wednesday, August 17, 2016

5 Image Optimization tips

In Search engine optimization we not only have to optimize website to be on top of the search engine but we also need to optimize content of the website. Images which are also a part of the content should be optimized properly to make your webpage more SEO friendly. The main question is that how to optimize Images so that they should rank in search engine and can get concentration of user. Here are some tip which can help you to rank your website in any of the search engine.

    1. Name Your Images Descriptively

When you are saving your image you need to save it by its name, and its name should be that keyword by which you want this image to be ranked. Name the image properly while saving or creating it. For example if you have an image and you want it to rank high with the keyword “English Speaking Course in Chandigarh sector34”, in very initial stage you need to set its name as the same.

    1. Optimize Your Alt/Title Tags and Captions

After saving this image now you have to upload it in any of your webpage. After uploading it you need to set its ALT tag which will be readable by search engine crawler. Along with ALT Tags you also have to set its title tags which also will help your image to rank high in search engine.

    1. Set Dimensions of your Images

You also have to mention height and width for all of the images you have uploaded to your website or in your webpage. That again will help you more to get rank high in search engine.
    1. Reduce the File Sizes of Your Images

Most of the people wait for their site to be opened in less than 3 second. This is the survey done by Amazon. That is why Google also consider opening speed of the website as a part of its algorithm. We should also take very good care of the images size in Mb or Kb so that they could open immediately in user's computer. This will give your site a best user experience as well.
    1. Use Image Site Maps

After doing all above activities finally generate site maps for all images you have entered that will give search engine more and detailed information about your images. These all tips will help you to get your images rank high in search engines.


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