Friday, February 17, 2017

SEO Tools

SEO Tools used in Search engine optimization

Numerous SEO Tools discussed here which is used while Search engine optimization:

Google PageSpeed Insight: Check the speed and usability of your site on different devices.

Google Keyword Planner: Keyword planner help us to find average monthly searches on Google for particular keyword. This keyword is used to give search volume on different keywords. It give opportunity to provide a huge long-tail keyword.  

Google Analytics: If we want to track every bit of traffic, then Google analytics is the best approach for complete web stats and search insights. 

SEO Tools

Webmaster Tool: Webmaster tool is helpful for website analysis, provide error report and helpful to see alerts. It’s helpful to site fetching and submitting our site to Google index.

Google trends: Changes in search volume for key terms. It help us to show any keyword search term trend in these days.
Schema: It display the results that, how many users like our page, our site. These results show in the form of rating.

Rank Checker: Rank checker is a good tool to check the ranking of a webpage or a website in Google. See where our site rank for certain term.

XML Sitemap: XML sitemap is a tool that help us to create sitemap of a website and we can upload it to our webmaster.

Browseo: See your website the way a search engine see it.

SEO Site Checkup: Audit and score for your website.

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