Thursday, February 2, 2017

Why we need seo audit

SEO audit is important to maintain our website presence on search engine and maintaining our organic search engine rankings.

  • Review all the meta keywords like meta title, meta url, meta description tags and heading tags.
  • Looking for errors in website like 301 redirects, 302 redirects and 404 page error or also server errors.
  • Check missing Alt tag of image. It is a part of image optimization.
  • Checked missing image names.
  • Looking about all internal links and external links.w
  • Review all the links and Compile them.
  • Looking about bad and toxic links in a website.
  • All HTML related errors checked.
  • Check about Google Webmaster tools errors.
  • Check the duplicacy issues.
  • Provide fresh content to search engine and give them a reason to come back to our website. So, we always have a outdated content.
  • Search engine always updating content algorithm for the better search result, so we need to aware about all these algorithms.

Check Technical issues while performing SEO audit :

  • Perform a detailed crawl of a website.
  • Register website with Google webmaster tool.
  • Check Google analytics in a website.
  • Check XML sitemap is added in website or not.

If you don’t have a knowledge about SEO audit, then join SEO training in Chandigarh which is provided by CBitss Technologies. SEO audit is an important part of search engine optimization. We can increase our web presence by proper checking about website errors and then remove it. It can help us to increase our visibility on search engine result page.

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