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Types of Digital Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the process of marketing in which we promote our product through various electronic media.

Here we discuss types of Digital Marketing as following:

  •            Email Marketing
  •          Text Messaging
  •          Viral Marketing
  •          Search Engine Optimization
  •          Pay Per Click 
  •          Social Media
  •          Online Advertising

Types of Digital Marketing

1) Email Marketing:
It is one of the initial reports of Digital Marketing, it involves giving personalized or objective messages at the correct time. For example, brands like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. deliver emails that are related to meet the user’s requirement.

2) Text Messaging:
In this type of Digital Marketing, we give our product related services, details, transaction report, cost etc through text message to the user.
These days everyone has smartphones, so they definitely want that they get all information on his phone.So it is widely used in Digital Marketing.

3) Viral Marketing:
It is also very widely used in form of Marketing. It is of the type in which we promote our product through different channels. It may include youtube videos, email or all social sites as well as some traditional elements, all with the goal to ensure that the content takes the attention of the market and flows naturally through online alliances.

4) Search Optimization Engine:
It is the most type of Digital Marketing, it is used to increase the website's discernibility in the search engine. There are so many methods involve in this process ranging from on-site technical analysis and development to blogging and content creation.

5) Pay Per Click (PPC):
It is also known as Paid Search. In this method, satisfied adverts are typically located to the right or above of the ‘organic’ search results. The cost will depend on the competitiveness of the keyword you’re offering on.

6) Social Media:
It is all about maintaining a brand’s picture over many social channels containing Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and many others. This type has become hugely popular and complex across the last few years.

7) Online Advertising:
In this method, we advertise on another website. You can purchase a banner space on the famous website, giving the website master for the same.

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