Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Maintain your Integrity through White hat SEO

White hat SEO is just a manner which promotes the search performance on the search engine result page. Through the white hat SEO, you will include in the terms of search as you maintain the integrity by practicing and promoting the search performance. You should need to learn the ways by doing the SEO Training in Chandigarh provided by the CBitss technologies so that you can easily do the SEO in a legal way.
In the terms of White Hat SEO, you should follow the terms and services developed by the Google and do only legally practices to promote your website ranking.
As we know, the SEO is the search engine optimization which helps you to promote your website but it's upon you whether you use the tools in a loyal way or doing the Black hat SEO.
Let us discuss the White and Black hat SEO-

In this, the SEO techniques are used just to get the topmost search rankings and then break the rules of the search engine. In the black hat SEO, the target is to get the rank they did not bother about the audience or we say about the traffic.
Techniques used in the black hat SEO are as follows;
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Link farming
  • Hidden texts and links
  • Blog content spamming
   Black hat SEO using these techniques using the unethical methods.
White hat SEO
In white hat SEO, the techniques used in white hat SEO simply used to get the audience in bulk. The main purpose of white hat SEO is to get the natural, organic traffic on your website.
  • Techniques used in the white hat SEO
  • Keyword
  • keyword analysis
  • Metatags, rewriting the content.
In the white hat SEO, the content post on your website is unique so that search engine reached the website more frequently. The reason behind it is that the search will find the unique and the quality content on your website which attracts the audience and also the search engine and our motive of calling the search engine are fulfilled.

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