Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tips to become a better blogger

Tips to become a better blogger
 The SEO which means the search engine optimization is used to promote your website and helps to raise the rank of your website. You need to post the unique content so that crawler reached to your website as soon as possible. To post the content, you must have the updated website. The blog is the website that is regularly updated by the individual by posting the content related to their particular website.

To become the best blogger you need to follow some of the general tips:

      Domain Name - The domain is the name of your own particular site which must be your own domain name. Avoid using the irrelevant, free of cost domain names. The domain names which costs you nothing are having rubbish URL's which is not related to your content. In your own domain name, you can choose the name related to the topic of your website like the which is a descriptive domain name that tells about your website. CBitss is best to register your domain name at the less cost.

  WordPress- If you just start, to begin with, the blog then you can use the WordPress which is one of the best platforms for blogging and the another advantage of using the WordPress is that it is a completely free of cost blogging platform.

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    Be regular- Publish your posts regularly on the blog which will attract the crawler as well helps you to attract more traffic on your website.

    Theme- Use the better quality of theme in the WordPress so that your blog looks wonderful and the audience feel good while using your website.

   Unique- Always post the quality and unique content into your blog so spend much of your time in making the content for your blog.

      Check progress- Use the Google analytics to check the progress of your website. This will help you to optimize your website. 

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