Monday, December 19, 2016

SEO Tools

SEO Tools

      The tools that are helpful to rank a website is known as SEO Tools. Here we will be discussed about some SEO tools that help us to rank a website or check a website ranking in a search engine result page.

     Woorank- It is a subscription-based online retailing service that gives you comprehensive descriptions on your website’s performance across varied platforms – social media, mobile access, SEO, general usability – to hold you in the know of the elements and fields that you need to work on to improve your website.  It also gives extensive reviews and insights on distinct pages within your website along with the advance data information which tells you that how your website is doing against its competitors and helps you strategize with some of the solid SEO practices.

     Woorank is an auditing tool which helps to optimize your site. This helps you to recognize the number of errors and the area for the improvement in your website.

SEO Tools

     AHrefs- It is a tool which helps us to check the backlinks on the website. It has its own crawler which provides the information about the likes on the social sites like facebook, twitter, google+, Linkedin. The updations are continuous after the short period of time.

    Quantcast- The Quantcast helps you to analyze the data and reports in which you came to know about the number visits on your website and the number of page views. The number of females and males consumers can also be found out with help of this tool. So through this, you can easily make the strategies to raise the rank of your website.

     Robot.txt checker- It is a validator tool which can tell whether the robot.txt file is valid or up to date. It is also interpreting by this tool that whether the search engine crawls or read your content or not.

     Heat Map- In SEO, it is very important to be on the top of UI\UX design of your website. This tool will help you to power charge your SEO. This tool will show you the data on the right topmost side of your website page which further help you to know what really matters. You can able to UX decisions by fully understanding the behavior of the user.

     There are so many other tools that are used in search engine optimization. SEO training in Chandigarh follow all strategies or tools that are helpful in SEO. 


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