Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Importance of Web

A web is a multi-based collection of information, services and sites supported by internet. It is an architectural frame work for accessing linked documents.It is a powerful GUI that presents the required information in a attractive way for the user.The World Wide Web contributes greatly to the creation of an ever-increasing global information database.

It has Simplified access to the Internet - The Internet provides access to mail, interactive conferences, network news, and is rich with information resources....but the Internet can be difficult to use and understand. The World Wide Web makes it easier to use the Internet.

It consists of the client and the server. The client (web browser) requests for a web page. This page is retrieved from the server.
Pages are viewed in a browser which fetches the requested
pages, formats and displays.Page fetching is done by the browser. Users work is only to click the mouse button
on the required link.


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