Monday, January 7, 2013

SEO tips and tricks

1. Enable Social Media Sharing - Enable as many social media sharing options on your website as you can. Install buttons for all the major social sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and others on every important page of your website. With these buttons, your readers can spread the word about the valuable and interesting content you have to offer.

2. Create a complete description for all the website sections and categories - Such description pages are ideal for optimizing a site and improving the page ranking. If the categories and sections are organized carefully, the site becomes easier to get traversed by both the visitors as well search engine spiders.

3. Cache should be turned on - If our site is searched in Google, then a common thing can be noticed, It's the size for each page featured in this reputed search engine. Also, if noticed properly then it can be seen that small sized sites are more popular with Google as well visitors. These sites tend to load faster when compared to big sites. There is a relatively easier way to make sites look smaller and perform faster. Simply Turn On the Cache in Global Configuration list and observe the difference.

4. Carefully choose keywords - It is always noticed that assigning too many keywords to a site can result the site to be spammed.So we should choose the keywords wisely by using Google's Keyword Tool.
This tool will help us to make a list of commonly searched keywords and phrases relevant to our content.
Once you've got them sorted out, scatter them strategically throughout your content, your headlines, and your sub-headers.

5. Avoid Cloaking - Site cloaking is the process of having one content for the users and an entirely different content for search engine spiders. This used to be popular few years back but now search engines have declared a ban on such practices.

6. Refrain from using popular keywords -  Don’t crowd your content with popular keywords such as “vacation” or “games”. Instead join a phrase before or after the popular keyword like “vacation tips” or “amazing games”.

7. Writing unique content - If the content in a site is fresh and new , there are high chances that it will be crawled quickly by the google crawler.

8. Adding new content regularly - If new content will  be added to our site then the google crawler will frequently visit our site to read the new content and in this way the rank our site will improve.

9. Never redirect to other domain - Redirecting to another domain sometimes results in banning from search engines. Search engines can be very hard to get back into if your site is banned by using redirection.

10. Dont hide text - Search engines understand CSS and font and background colors. They also recognize that a font-size of 1px is not going to be readable. Text that is hidden from your readers but visible to search engines is considered spam and will get your site banned.


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