Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SEO tools in Joomla

Joomla is a robust content management system used in most popular websites.It enables one to create the best site.It is the core of Search Engine Optimization.

Following are its tools:-

1. SEOSimple - Joomla experts incorporate SEOSimple into every site they build.It automatically uses a chunk of text from top of each page as its meta description.

2. ARTIO JoomSEF -  is designed to make your URLs perform better.
This tool will make your URL search friendly and make it comprehensible to humans too and boost your visitor numbers for your site.It supports to multilingual sites.

3. Joomap - This tool is very easy to use and simple to configure, it lets you create a sitemap and submit to all major search engines. It displays the normal Menu structure, Content categories, Sections and  categories in a hierarchical tree.
4. Auto -Frontpage - This tool ensures that your site is updated regularly.It automatically publishes all your new articles saving time and effort.When a situation arises in which there is no new content it will republish one of your old article to fill the void in your site.

5. JoomSEO - This tool automatically puts all the apt keywords in all right places for the best possible optimization.It is highly customizable letting you decide exactly how you want your meta keywords, descriptions,titles and heading tags.


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